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Digital Photo Restoration

We offer photo restoration with a one-price solution for $49.95, which includes one print or CD and $6.00 for additional copies. Some restoration services rates vary depending on the degree of damage or work to be done. We charge a flat rate so that you don’t have to guess about the cost.

Photo Restoration Guide

Below are some examples of restoration and editing work that would fall within the $49.95 parameters:



There are some photos that can’t be restored, such as very blurry photos or photos with large chunks missing-particularly missing portions of a face (unless a suitable reference photo is available). If you are unsure, you can always scan the image and send it for an evaluation.

Missing faces or large portions can’t be restored UNLESS there is a very similar photo of the same subject available-same position, facial expression, etc.


How to Send Us Your Images

You can e-mail digital files that you have scanned of the original photo, or you can provide us with the original photo. E-mailed files are limited to 8” x 10” or less. An exception to this is an 11” x 14” that can be scanned in two parts and each part e-mailed separately.