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CD Authoring

Kick your CDs up a notch! Bright Images can help you get your fans' or clients’ attention with our CD authoring that creates interactive content. Our multimedia authoring specialists will custom design a one-of-a-kind Enhanced CD that can have your catalogs, band bios, video clips, hyperlinks to your website and more!

What's an Enhanced CD?

An Enhanced CD is a CD that includes CD-ROM data such as video, photos, web links, product catalogs, company info. and more.

Most audio or CD-ROM CDs do not use all the available space on the disc. An Enhanced CD (E-CD) uses this leftover space to include additional data. In an audio player, an audio E-CD simply plays music, but on a PC or Mac it launches the additional content giving your fans that bonus content they want.

In today's highly competitive market, you have to go the extra mile in order to leave a lasting impression. Let your fans and industry contacts experience more by giving them a multimedia masterpiece that showcases what sets you apart from the pack. By enhancing your CD you can add MPEG video clips, animation, screen savers, interviews, promotional materials, direct links to your website, email, and more.

The Bright Images video team are experts at multimedia design, combining your talents with our talents to produce a one-of-a-kind enhanced CD specifically for your project. So let us help you break the mold, without breaking the bank!