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Audio Transfers

Have an old album or reel to reel tape that you can’t listen to anymore? Bright Images transfers audio formats including cassettes, mini cassettes, even 8 Track. We can also capture the audio from video formats and put them on CD. Should you need audiotape repair services, we do that too.


We can perform an audio transfer from almost any audio format to a variety of digital audio formats including CD. A tape transfer to a digital format can help preserve the life of your audio program.

Transfer albums and Records (33s/LPs, 45s & 72s), Cassette, Mini Cassette, 8-Track & Reel to Reel

Our standard rate for all audio transfers is $17.95, excluding Reel to Reel which starts at $25.00. We offer audiotape repair services including tape splicing and shell repair for $15.00. Please contact us for more information.