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Replicated Business Card DVDs

Business Card DVDs provide the power of a Full Size DVD on a disc that fits in your pocket. These discs hold 450MB or about 10 minutes of video and fit in the inner ring of the drive tray. Bright Images is one of the few companies that offer DVD Business Cards.


Business Card DVDs are commonly referred to as “Hockey Rinks.” These cool looking discs leave an impression and can serve as a business card, brochure and website all in one. Bright Images provides replication starting at quantities of 250 whereas the industry standard is typically a 1000 piece minimum. Replicated discs are the highest quality and are the standard for Hollywood and the Recording Industry.

Replication is the process by which CDs and DVDs are manufactured in one physical stamping operation and require the creation of glass masters and film plates. Now you can get the same quality discs as the major releases in quantities that fit your budget..

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