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Mastering/replication differs from burning/duplication, as the pits and lands of a mastered disc are moulded/pressed into a CD/DVD blank, rather than being 'burn marks' in a dye layer. In addition, burners write data sequentially, while a pressing plant 'writes' the entire disk in one physical stamping operation.

Optical disc manufacturing is the process by which commercial compact discs (CDs) & digital video discs (DVDs) are replicated in mass quantities using a master version created from a source recording. This may be either in audio form (CD-Audio), data form (CD-ROM) or video form (DVD-Video) and (DVD-Audio).

Replication typically has a 1000 piece minimum, requires the creation of glass masters and film plates, and takes 2-3 weeks to complete. DVD and CD replication may be more economical than duplication when you have at least 2 weeks and need 1000 or more discs. Replicated discs are the standard for major commercial releases.