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Optical Media (Disc) Printing

In the CD and DVD industry, the term label (disc art) refers to the printed image on a CD or DVD. There are basically five ways to print a label. Two types are generally used with replication and three with duplication. All of these methods of disc art print are available at Bright Images.



A. Offset Print   B. Silkscreen Print   C. Paper Label   D. Paper Label   E. Thermal Print   F. On-Disc Print

Want to take a fun little test? Which is offset, silkscreen, paper label (big hole), paper label (small hole), thermal, or on-disc? Match the picture number with the print type letter. See below for the answers.


  • Replicated discs are printed using the Silkscreen or Offset method. ~Silkscreen print is the most common although ~Offset print provides the highest quality of label printing. Both of these methods are available as Spot (PMS) colors, or Full-Color CMYK Process, on all Bright Images’ replicated discs.

  • Duplicated disc art is usually printed in one of three ways and Bright Images offers all three. ~Paper Labels are a low cost solution, that doesn’t look low cost. We print our labels on color laser printers, not inkjet printers so they don’t smear, and affix them securely to the blank media. Our labels look so good it’s hard to tell that they are labels. ~Thermal print is a durable, professional label for a low per-disc cost. While thermal printing doesn’t allow for mixing / blending of colors as do the other methods, it is an excellent choice for text and line art on silver or white discs. ~Inkjet print is a great way to get high resolution and great color. This method of printing requires the use of inkjet-compatible blank media. Typically inkjet-printed discs require time to dry, and can smear or run if exposed to moisture, both of which are problematic. However our UV cured inks decrease the drying time and eliminate the impact of moisture on your finished discs. We call and offer this as On-disc print.


Test Answers


1: B     2: E     3: C     4: A     5: D     6: F

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